How can I visit WanTED Career Days?

The event, which is free of any fee, will be held between April 11-12-13 in the Multi-Purpose Hall foyer area located on TED University Aksu Campus at Ziya Gökalp Caddesi, in Kolej.

You can visit the program page for company/institution organization details where program and section specific sectoral matching is made.

For online interviews, we kindly ask you to register on the web page with your e-mail address with extension until Monday, March 17 at 17:00. If you have the qualifications sought by the company you want to apply for an interview, you are expected to send your CV. After the companies/institutions evaluate your CV, they will notify you via e-mail for your approved interviews and send you your appointment times on online platforms for April 11-12-13. In addition, you can follow your approved interviews from the relevant area after logging into the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

WanTED Career days will be held at TED University between April 11-12-13.

Round table sessions will be held face-to-face and interviews will be held online.

The booths at WanTED Career Days are open to all students and alumni, working students and anyone who wants to get to know the companies they want to work for in the future. For exhibitor booths, please visit the Participant Companies Page.

TEDU students can participate in Round Table Networking Meetings. For the opportunity to meet face-to-face with company/institution professionals, you need to apply on the Round Table Meetings page until 17 March at 17:00.

All TEDU students and alumni can participate in the online interviews by registering. Online interviews will be held between April 11-12-13. Until Monday, March 20 at 17:00, you need to register on the interviews page and upload your CV.

You can find the list of companies/institutions participating in WanTED Career Days in the "Participating Companies/Institutions" tab on our website.

The round table guests of the companies/institutions are human resources managers or professionals who are experts in their fields who have been invited to share their experiences with you.

During your booth visits, you can get general information about the participating companies/institutions and get to know their different departments.

Your participation in the Round Table meetings will enable you to learn about the sector from professionals, find the opportunity to ask questions you are curious about, get to know the company/organization closely, and learn about current and/or potential job and internship opportunities.

After registering for WanTED Career Days on our website, you can create your own CV on our website. This CV will be shared with the companies that will participate in the interview part of the organization if you want to interview with them.

You can follow the instructions by clicking on the Forgot password tab. Click here to obtain a new password.



April 11-12-13 2023

10:00 - 17:00

TED University E Blok


TED Üniversitesi, Ziya Gökalp Caddesi No: 47

06420, Kolej, Çankaya / ANKARA