About TED University

TED University is a university founded by the Turkish Education Association, Turkey's oldest non-governmental organization in the field of education and the 94-year-old torchbearer of education, with the dream of making a difference in higher education.

TED University, which adopts a liberal education model that contributes to the training of individuals who are knowledgeable about different cultures and nature, have advanced cognitive and practical skills, and have individual and social responsibility, aims to raise its students as well-rounded individuals who can lead, have a scientific perspective, understand art, and are socially advanced. It is an education model that provides vocational education together with science and art education, which has many examples abroad and TED University is one of the two universities in Turkey to have adopted this model.

TED University, one of the first 3 foundation universities accredited by the Higher Education Quality Board (YÖKAK) for 5 years, offers 23 undergraduate programs in 5 faculties, 17 master's programs, doctoral programs and English Language School.

About WanTED Career Days

TED University has transformed the career fair, which has been organized as a booth concept until now, into "Round Table" meetings in order to introduce students to the changing trends of the sectors more closely and to offer them the opportunity to meet one-on-one with professionals.

"WanTED Career Days" will be held in 2023 at Aksu Campus Multi-Purpose Hall between March 6-10.

In the event, which will bring together students who are about to step into business life and professionals from Turkey's leading companies/institutions, our students will have a unique experience where they will be able to talk about the topics they are curious about in the sector throughout the day. In this way, they will have information about how their education is shaped in the sector, they will get to know the areas they want to work in closely and they will be able to apply for jobs and internships by contacting the professional names of companies / institutions.

YThe round table meetings aim to provide professionals with the opportunity to meet candidates who are self-discovering, ready to capture innovations and changes, and make a difference. The details of the event, which is organized according to the career paths that faculty and department students will prefer with pre-registration, are available on the program page.

In addition to our students who will pre-register for the round table sessions, TEDU students will also have the opportunity to get general information at the booths of the companies/institutions.

Students who want to have a real interview experience and companies/institutions in search of a future teammate will meet again between March 6-10 for online interviews.